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NJSEOs is a Full Service Website Design and Internet Marketing Company that originated in North Jersey. Learn more about us here!

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NJSEOs is focused on Face-to-Face interaction. NJSEOs offers a unique marketing approach that has worked for many businesses!

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Whether you have a large budget or not, we work with our clients’ budgets to help grow their business and expand their online marketing budget over time.

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NJSEOs Website Design & Development Services NJ

Responsive Website Design Services.

NJSEOs offers Responsive Website Design Services in which your website is formatted for best viewing on a tablet, smartphone and desktop/laptop computer. All of our website developments projects are built on WordPress or similar platforms that offer a content management system. The CMS system allows the client and our staff to quickly make adjustments to any pages on the website without having to edit html files. For clients who have existing websites and are looking for SEO services, we  re-build their websites on WordPress due to our custom SEO plugins, local GEO SEO system and convenience of being able to make changes quicker.  

Competitive Pricing for CMS Website Development Services.

Our NJSEOs Website Design prices are competitively priced, but we do understand that every website design project is different which is reflected through our time and resources needed to provide the best responsive website development so our prices do get adjusted based on the scope of the work. Unlike most, we’ll split your website design project costs into 3-4 payments with an initial deposit to start once we’ve signed the contract.  

NJSEOs Website Development Pricing:


Business Starter $3,100+
Custom Website Design
Hosting Available
1yr Domain Registration
Business Email Addresses
1-10 Pages
SEO Plugins
Branding Package + $500
Responsive Website + $500
1 Free Month of SEO
Not for eCommerce
SMB eCommerce $4,500+
Custom eCommerce Solutions
Hosting Available
1yr Domain Registration
Business Email Addresses
15-20 Pages
SEO Plugins w/GEO System
Shopping Cart Integration
Branding Package + $500
Responsive Website + $500
1 Free Month of SEO
eCommerce Elite $5,500+
Custom eCommerce Solutions
Hosting Available
1yr Domain Registration
Business Email Addresses
20-40 Pages
SEO Plugins w/GEO System
Shopping Cart Integration
Includes Logo Design
Includes Responsive Website
1 Free Month of SEO

NJSEOs - Eclipse the Competition! NJSEO Services & Website Design

Local GEO SEO Services in NJ, NYC, CT, PA, NC, SC

NJSEOs is a Professional Website Design & SEO Company from North Jersey that works with small and medium-sized businesses across the East Coast. Below are some of our most recent Website Design projects, which include completed responsive web development services to ensure best viewing capabilities on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

Latest Website Design Projects:


Whether you are looking for a simple website redesign for your business or a custom-built web development, we are ready to help you!



Having an online presence on Social Media sites is extremely important. No online marketing strategy is complete without a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and many others.

As part of our monthly SEO/website maintenance services, NJSEOs will manage your online presence on your social media outlets as part of our monthly social media marketing package. It has been proven that increased exposure through social media marketing aides in branding, local market acknowledgement of your products and services and new leads.

Let us help you gain the Social Media exposure for your Company that your business deserves!

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Google Plus Local SEO Optimization Service.

NJSEOs will create and/or optimize your existing Google Plus listing to conform to best local GEO SEO marketing strategies for your business niche. As part of our monthly SEO and Social Media Marketing services, we will manage your Google Plus listing by adding fresh content regularly.

Need Reviews? NJSEOs can work with you to acquire positive reviews from your customers and help develop your brand and/or company awareness.

If your Small or Medium-sized business has a location, we highly recommend our NJ & NYC Google Places Package as well to properly ensure that your local GEO market for your company on search engines is covered. This is ideal for when individuals search for your services near or in your town. Our Professional SEO Company in NJ can help optimize your Google Places and Plus pages successfully.

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North Jersey Local GEO SEO Services!

NJSEOs developed their unique Local GEO SEO Marketing Plan in North Jersey to work with any local or National business across the United States. Our team of SEO Specialists, Content Writers and Programmers will devise a unique Local GEO SEO marketing plan that best suits your business niche and marketing region.

Contact us to learn more about our Local GEO SEO services and how we’ve helped business owners across the East Coast using it!

Latest SEO & PPC Clients:

Website Design Portfolio

PSF Tinting

NJSEOs worked with PSF Tinting with their website design project for their automotive window tinting business in North Jersey a professional website with targeted SEO services.

Oak Leaf Financial

NJSEOs worked with a South Jersey Private Money Lender to build them a professional website and enhanced their online marketing through local SEO and PPC marketing services.

BedBug Chasers

NJSEOs worked with BedBug Chasers to develop a multi-site platform for all of their franchisees on one domain using a custom built Wordpress MU platform.

Send Gofer

NJSEOs worked with the Send Gofer team to develop a professional website design with a content management system and a custom task posting system.

Kare Construction

NJSEOs redesigned Kare Construction’s website on a content management system built on Wordpress with all of our SEO plugins.

Northeast Lending Services

NJSEOs developed an internet marketing plan for Northeast Lending Services and designed a professional website for them.

PE Consulting Corp.

NJSEOs developed a new website with CMS backend for user content sharing and uploading.

Northern Valley Auto Body

NJSEOs has been working with Northern Valley Auto Body since our start. We developed a new website and internet marketing strategy for them.

Nelson-Patterson Insurance

NJSEOs designed a new website for Nelson-Patterson Insurance Agency.

Paratus Rentals

NJSEOs designed a new website for Paratus Rentals and implemented an internet marketing strategy.